The World's Best Nail Clippers - Forever Sharp Cutting Blades and No More Flying Nail Clippings.

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No more gross nail clippings flying around the house, getting stuck in the carpet for your dinner party guests to find, or that end up in your loved one's eyes or morning coffee. When people say "That's the best thing since sliced bread!," they are talking about these clippers.åÊ

ClipperCatcher's Feather brand nail clippersåÊcapture your nailåÊclippings and, when you're done with your personal grooming, you walk to the trashcan, slide open the side of the clipper (aka the patented catch tray), and dump the clippings in the trash - no mess, no grossness, no angry spouse, no embarrassment, and no injured eyeballs. Safety and cleanliness combined into one awesome clipper.åÊ

OuråÊare top-quality stainless steel and manufactured in Japan by Feather, a company that is more than 85 years old and that specializes in manufacturing super high-quality cutting blade products. They make premium-grade medical scalpels, high-end razor blades, as well as top qualityåÊbeauty salon shears. ClipperCatcher's Feather nail clippers are built to last a lifetime.

OuråÊclippers come with a 100% money back guarantee and 100% lifetime warranty. If the product fails in any way at any time, simply return the clipper to us and we'll send you a FREE replacement.åÊ