Why These Clippers are The Best Clippers In the World...

- Japanese precision sharpening technology brings ultra long-lasting sharpness to the "Forever Sharp" cutting blade.

- The ClipperCatcher feature automatically captures flying or stray nail clippings for safe and sanitary disposal - no more stray nail clippings!

- The heavy-duty lever enables easy clipping of thick nails.

- The well-balanced offset cutting tips provide a superior and ultra smooth nail edge cut.

- The double cross-milled nail file enables the beautiful finishing of your nails.

- Plated in nickel chrome for beauty and long-lasting durability. You can feel the ultra high quality of these clippers.

- Our clipper comes in three convenient sizes, Small (small hands - 2 5/8"), Medium (adult  hands - 3 1/4") and Large (thick nails - 4") all work great for both fingernails and toenails

- Lifetime warranty, money back guarantee. If the clipper breaks, we replace it for free. If you're not satisfied within 30 days, send it back for your money back.

Buy The World's Best Nail Clippers - Forever Sharp Cutting Blades and No More Flying Nail Clippings.




How to Use these Clippers

- Be sure the ClipperCatcher is in the closed position. 

- Position the nail clipper below the nail when clipping. Gravity will help keep nail clippings in the ClipperCatcher.

- Dispose of clippings in a trash can by sliding the ClipperCatcher to the open position. 

- Keep out of reach of children. Choking and cutting hazard.

How fast will I get my order?

We strive to ship the same day the order is placed. If the order is placed later in the day, we ship the next business day. If we are out of stock for the product you purchase, it may take up to 15 business days for us to ship your order.

How can I contact you?

Contact us with questions, feedback, lifetime warranty/product guarantee requests, or anything else you'd like to discuss at info@clippercatcher.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

What are the conditions of the lifetime warranty?

If at any time during the life of the clipper it breaks due to defect in workmanship or material, just return it to us and we will send you a new clipper for free (just pay S&H). Note that our clippers are ONLY intended to trim human nails. Any sign of use for any other purpose voids this warranty.

What are the conditions of the money back guarantee?

Anytime within 60 days of receipt of your clipper, you may return them with the original packaging for a full purchase price refund (less S&H). 

Disclaimers and More Information

- Use for human nail-clipping only. Do not use for any other purpose.

- Sharp cutting blade. Be careful when handling. Should only be used by adults.

- Do not disassemble the nail clipper.

- Do not put the nail clipper in the dishwasher. Wash by hand using rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant wipe. Let air dry.

- Keep out of reach of children. Choking and cutting hazard.